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Welcome to the GE exports page, designed to run alongside Larry's GM's, and Rolf's ALCo's.

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Public launch was on May 20th 2000, and no doubt over time the information that is missing will be collected. Initially I am concentrating on models U5 and upwards, and I am not covering USA and Canada at this time. These may follow later.

I am very much hoping to provide a brief introduction to each class of Locomotive, with a few lines describing the duties of each type, if possible where and what the Locos are used nowadays, ESPECIALLY if there are any known workings on passenger trains.

If anyone can add any info or see any errors then please contact me, And please sign the guest book at bottom on this page.

Many thanks to the following in helping me collate all the information and photos: Ken ArdingerMartin Baumann, Giger-BaumannBruce Bellingham, Claudio Bellon, Marcelo Benoit, John C.Benson, Gustavo Bonetto, Tabare Bordach, Barry Breen, Damian Clement, Dave Craik, Paul Collin, Kevin Dunk, Jason Ferguson, Javier Fernández, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Martín González, David Guelpa, Ricardo Hernandez-Lecanda, Hermes Y. Hinuy, Scott Jesser, Chris Johnson, Gary Lamb, Alfred Lauschke, Indra Krishnamurti, Andre Kristopans, Dion McKenna, Sergio Martire, Stanley J Mitchell, Richard Montgomery, Daniel Osborne, Steve Palmano, Michael M PalmieriBrad Peadon, Bruce Pryor, Neil Robinson, Larry RussellDavid Rowe, Martin Southam, Shinkyo, Ralph Weibel, Roberto Yommi.

Latest GE News

Updates in 2000:
23 May: Mexico and New Zealand pictures added. A few spelling corrections made!
24 May: Namibia added, one picture. Start up page modified.
25 May: Corrections to list, Argentina, Brasil, New Zealand, Mexico, Namibia.
26 May: Brasil and New Zealand, pictures added. More text in place. Start page updated (again!). New main URL ( placed on major search engines, please make note of this!
27 May: Another big update to the Brasil pages! Lots more pictures. Export list updated. Bolivia added!
28 May: Export list updated, and text modified in Brasil pages.
29 May: Pictures for Brasil, Chile, Mozambique, Namibia and Syria added, and builders list GREATLY enhanced.
30 May: More Brasil pictures, and minor updates to list.
3 June: New pictures on Egypt, Kenya, Taiwan, Tanzania, South Africa, Mexico. List updated.
4 June: One new Brasil picture. Brasil section of list updated.
5 June: Pictures added to Chile and Australia (Queensland).
7 June: Pictures added to Brasil and South Africa.
10 June: A few more pictures added, Australia, Brasil and South Africa.
11 June: Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Philippines, Spain, Taiwan and Vietnam, pictures added.
12 June: Indonesia and Thailand, pictures added.
14 June: More pictures for Brasil, and one for Mexico. Builders list updated.
20 June: Photos added to Colombia, Indonesia and Philippines. Minor updates on list.
23 June: Photos added to Colombia, and Guatemala section added.
25 June: Photos added to Tunisia section. Builders list further updated.
26 June: New pictures added to Taiwan section.
27 June: FASCINATING picture of "Shovel Nose's" added to Uruguay section.
7 July: A new picture on both Argentina and Australian section.
8 July: Vastly improved picture of Mongolian GE, replaces previous small image. (Thanks GE!)
12 July: News page added.
13 July: Improved (larger format images on Egypt and Syria), pictures updated for Australia and New Zealand. Two new pictures added to Tunisia page.
15 July: New and improved pictures for Angola, Brasil and Namibia.
6 August: Pictures added to Argentina, Australia, Brasil and Spain. Builders list updated.
13 August: Improved picture to Colombia, new pictures on Spain page.
18 September: List modified, picture for Zaire (Congo) added.
25 October: Notes updated on Turkish section.
9 November: The "builders list" enhanced, and corrected (thanks Gustavo!).
31 December: The "builders list" further enhanced, and corrected (thanks Gustavo!). Pictures added to Botswana, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Sudan.
Updates in 2001
February 4: Photo section enhanced, new pictures for Algeria, China, Colombia, Iran, Mexico, Peru, Sudan, Taiwan and Tanzania. Many thanks to GE for loan of some rare pictures!
February 15: New pictures added to Kenya, Syria, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
March 3: New picture for Pakistan.
March 4: Improved pictures for Philippines.
May 5: New photos for Australia (Queensland), Brasil (Ferroban), Iran and Uruguay. List updated.
November 24: New photos for Guatemala, New Zealand, Sudan. Mexico photos improved, GE list updated.
Updates in 2002
January 26: GE export history page by Steve Palmano added.
January 30: Botswana pictures updated, new colour photos added.
June 9: New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Colombia pictures added.
November 1: Photos added to Costa Rica section.
Updates in 2003
December 31: New photos for Egypt, Malaysia, Russia and Syria.
Updates in 2007
May 11: Gabon photos added
May 13: Mozambique photo added
October 21: Zaire section added

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Ferroban U20C rebuild, April 2001. Hermes Y. Hinuy


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Algeria Botswana Gabon Ivory Coast Kenya Mozambique
Nigeria South Africa Sudan Tanzania Tunisia Zaire Zambia Zimbabwe.

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Dominion Republic Guatemala Honduras Mexico Nicaragua Panama Peru Uruguay

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